1 On 1 Soccer

1 On 1 Soccer

Date added: 09/01/2018

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Are you looking for some fun sports games to enjoy with your friends? Do you like soccer and enjoy a good match? Let's join us at Y8 2 players game in our latest game: 1 On 1 Soccer. This is an interesting game that you can just play forever with your friend.

The game is easy to follow and understand. Each player will get to control one character. Before the match, you can pick your own character and choose his nationality as well. There is a tip for you to win the game faster. Y8Y8 game includes an option which allows you to check the character's abilities. This will include speed, power and jump. Pick your character with the abilities that most suit you.

All displayed on the screen are two players, two goals and a ball. Can you guess what your task is? It is to get the ball into your opposing goal as many times as possible. Be careful as the ball might bounce back and go into your own goal, which means you give your opponent’s team one score. Are you confident that you can be the best soccer player?

Check out this game at http://www.y8games.games for free, and we also offer many games such as Pou Escape and Hockey Fury. Prove your skills now!

Game controls:

Use W, A, S, D and arrow keys to move and jump.

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