Adventure Of Pou

Adventure Of Pou

Date added: 08/01/2018

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With simple and bright design, along with cute characters and a great storyline, Adventure Of Pou has attracted many players here at Y8 kids game. This game is most suitable for players who want to enjoy a game with their friend as Y8Y8Y8 game school created a two-player mode. Do you remember our cute little Pou? Two characters have been captured in the castle by poor men, so they need your help to break free.

If you fail to rescue them, the consequences can be disastrous. When you first enter the game, you will find a guide map with twenty levels available. You need to finish one level to go to the next. The higher the level is, the harder it becomes. In each level, your task is to move the character by jumping on the floating blocks and move along the bridge to reach the escape door.

However, a block will disappear after two characters step on it. So remember to collect all hearts before moving to the next block. Each Pou has to collect a different heart color, so make sure that you guide them in the correct direction to finish their missions. As the levels get harder, there will be more deadly traps and obstacles. Use your wisdom and intelligence to think of the best way to rescue both Pou.

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Game controls:

Control the character with A, W, D and arrow keys.

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