Bentley Car Keys

Bentley Car Keys

Date added: 29/01/2018

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Do you have a good eyesight? If you are confident in your observation skill, come to Y8 games Bentley Car Keys to have a fun playtime. From the name of the game, can you guess what its concept is? That's right! Your main task in this game is to find out the location of all hidden keys.

There are five levels with five pictures in total. In each specified picture, there will be 15 hidden keys. After you have finished one picture, the next one will be activated and so on. Keep on looking for the keys to accomplish all levels and break the record. The hard part of this Y8 1 player game is that there is a time limit for each level. You will have to find all keys in 2 minutes. And don't click on the wrong position too many times as this might shorten your time limit.

While playing the game, you can enjoy the beautiful and vivid images of the most famous sports cars in the world. It's the perfect game for car lovers as well as players who like puzzle games. The game is easy enough to be played by players of all ages. Are you curious about the game?

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Game controls:

Instruction: play with your mouse.

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