Blocked Out

Blocked Out

Date added: 05/01/2018

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Are you tired of the old puzzle games which are not interesting at all? Are you looking for a game with a great concept and nice design? Then Blocked Out from best Y8 game is the game that you are looking for. It's a simulation game for two players, so you can invite your friend to come and enjoy with you.

This Y8 kid game has two modes for you to choose from: normal level from 1 to 20 and the random level mode. The special point of the game that separates it from other games is its concept. There are two players playing at the same time on each level. Your task is to defeat the other by blocking the character out or crush it with the traps hidden on the way.

You will find many traps which are placed along the path. Spread your imagination and think of a way to take advantage of those deadly obstacles. Be careful as the traps can be sharp spikes, deadly lasers or sinkholes. It's not easy since you need to outsmart and outrun your opponent to block him or her completely outside the screen.

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Game controls:

How to play? In Blocked out, 1st player controls with A, W, D and the 2nd player controls with arrow keys.

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