Bomb It Game

Bomb It Game

Date added: 10/01/2018

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Wow! It's official! Bomb It Game has come back at Y8 game 2018! Come to enjoy the most famous game and compete against the strongest players. The game is already well-known for its fun storyline and quality. It's easy to play and you can share it with many friends online as well.

Do you remember how to play it? That's right! There are four characters on the screen, and one of them is yours. Choose your character color from a range of pink, yellow, blue and green. Then move your chosen character and place the bomb to open the road and kill the others. But be careful as you can also be killed by your own bomb if you stand too close to it. Use your intelligence to trap the opponents between bombs and take advantage of the boosters.

The more bomb boosters you gain, the further your bomb reaches. This makes it more dangerous but a lot more fun! There are many special features in this Free Y8Y8 game. One of the special features is the cute and bright graphics with lovely colors. guarantees that you will soon get addict to this great game and have a great time playing it. There are more games like this such as Connect 4 Io and Blocked Out for you to try out.

Game controls:

Instruction: move the character with arrow keys and use the space bar to place the bomb.

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