Cars Speed Cup

Cars Speed Cup

Date added: 27/12/2017

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Car 1: Hey you! A race car race with exciting prizes is coming! Car 2: Really? I must win this award and become the best racer in the world. Don’t hesitate anymore! Jump into Cars Speed Cup at y8 best game and show off your racing ability on the race track.

Before playing this game, I noticed a distinct difference between Cars Speed Cup and other racing games. With most other games, the track will run along the screen and you can observe the obstacles ahead in an easy way. However, in this game at game y8 2 players, the track will be horizontal on the screen, this will cause more difficulty for you to locate the deadly traps. To win this game, your ultimate goal is to control your car wisely, carefully and overcome all obstacles as well as deadly pits on the track.

You can control the car to move left or right in different lanes to avoid collisions with other cars and obstacles on the road. One more thing at y8 at school for 2018, the obstacles will appear constantly and unexpectedly in all the different lanes, so you must pay careful attention and avoid being destroyed.

Are you ready to win the championship yet? Go ahead in y8 the play right away! Do you want to race more? Click at for more related game as Endless Truck and Sportscar Grand Prix

Game controls:

Control your car with arrow keys on the race track.

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