Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road

Date added: 21/10/2017

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Are you brave enough to drive through a cemetery road way past midnight on an old convertible car? Test your bravery this eerie racing game! Keep your heart steady and survive a race on the eerie cemetery road and compete against other drivers at the same time.

Cemetery Road has a unique twist to your regular racing game. In this game of Y8 Game, your goal is to survive and reach the finish line while passing through zombies, ghosts, skeletons, and other monsters. Try to unlock the fastest old car and win first on every race to finally find an exit to the graveyard. Collect coins to buy a new car and pick up crates to unlock power ups. Use the power up to boost your way faster and finish the race quicker.

Cemetery Road - click to play online on Games Free Y8. Now you have to drive a car racing at night full of ghost. Whether scared to death or success, it's all depend on yourself. Be a brave man, driving through the cemetery road. I believe you can do it! Come on!

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Game controls:

Mouse – Navigate
Left Mouse Button – Interact
Arrow Keys – Drive
X – Use Boost

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