Christmas Castle

Christmas Castle

Date added: 22/01/2018

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It's Christmas time! For the festive season, game online y8 has many games with Christmas theme for you to play during your winter break. Christmas Castle is one of the most famous games. It has been added to the list of many players and their friends' as well. If you like to solve puzzles, jigsaws or enjoy coming up with a smart solution, this is the game for you. The game concept is easy to understand and follow.

In this Y8game, you have to switch the position of the decorations in order to make a line of three identical items. The more items you can match, the higher the scores you will get. Many smart players were able to match a line of five or even six items at the same time! How cool is that? Whenever you match three or more of the same ornaments, they will be removed from the game screen.

There is a time limit and a required number of score to pass a specific level. Pay attention to the time bar at the bottom of the game screen as the key to winning is to control the time wisely. How many scores can you get in the limited time? The game requires your fast reaction and good observation skills. Try to break the previous record to get a higher ranking. has many Christmas games online for free such as Elf Escape and Secret Door Escape

Game controls:

Controls: play with your mouse.

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