Colony Defenders 2

Colony Defenders 2

Date added: 14/04/2018

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Y8Y8Y8 free games sends a team of explorers to go to Xolara and collect the mining facilities. However, more and more indigenous aliens are showing up and trying to take over Xolara! The mining camps were under attacks by hordes of scary creatures, so while the scientists are looking for the best way to defeat them, it's your job to defend our camps using all of the firepowers that we own.

One of the most important tasks is to protect the mining facilities against the aliens by collecting resources along the way to build and upgrade barriers and walls. Quick, there isn't much time left before the attacks start. First, you will see your base and location on the main game screen. This is the place in which you will build barriers and protect the core facilities. There is a clock which allows you to know the time that the aliens approach your camps. Make sure that you prepare the guns to shoot them down. The aliens come in a large quantity and they will try to blend in the background by transforming their colors.

Therefore, a good eye-sight is also an important skill to win this y8 game. Should you love the dark theme and graphics, you won't be disappointed with this game. creates many special features and settings in order to optimize the players' experience. You can try out more games to defeat the aliens such as Epic Robo Fight and Spider Hero Street Fight

Game controls:

Choose and interact with your left mouse.

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