Cyber Chaser

Cyber Chaser

Date added: 27/02/2018

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Cyber Chaser is the online running game that you can play for free on our website. You are in the strange world with many gold coins as well as deadly traps and you play as a cyber chaser with an aim of keeping yourself alive a long as possible in y8kids game. You must run on an endless road and eliminate all the opponents who hinder you.

Many powerful robots are waiting in front of you. They are equipped modern weapons such as machine guns or laser guns and they are created to kill you by shooting constantly at you. Your task is to slay them before they have chances to take your life.

Besides, the squares full of nails are also the traps that you need to avoid. If you neglect and jump into them, you will lose a part of your health in y8games for school. Moreover, you also lose one part of health when touching the enemies or falling down the holes. Watch out the high walls, too because you will get hurt if crashing into them. You will die and lose the game after three times being trapped.

Remember to pick up the weapons on the way which can help you knock the foes down, fuel bottles and the coins to purchase upgrades. Buy the more powerful weapons like pistols, shotgun, machine gun, and pulse gun and protective gears to fight easily. Besides, you can buy the “Health” with 500$ to enhance your strength and the coin magnet with 100$ to get all the coins around you without touching. However, many weapons and abilities require you to pass a certain number of levels to get like a new primary weapon with infinite ammunition.

When running, you can see the keys which are suspended in the sky. Pick them up to unlock the gift boxes with different surprising things as coins, gems, power or weapons.

We prepare you 99 levels to conquer. Invite your friends to compete them and fight together. Rate the game highly to encourage us. Play more similar games such as Rapid Gun 3 and Tech And Magic at

Game controls:

Press up arrow or click to jump and use down arrow or Spacebar to slide.

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