Find the Candy 2:Winter

Find the Candy 2:Winter

Date added: 18/11/2017

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Find the Candy 2:Winter is a cute snow-themed puzzle game on y8y8y8. Your task in this game is finding out all the stars and the hidden candy using many physics knowledge.

Finding stars and solving candy puzzles will be the cutest mission you never want to quit.

Treat yourself by finding a delicious multicolored candy in each of the 20 snowy levels of this y8 game. To do so, you'll sometimes have to restore items or mechanisms and provide them energy. Try also to find the 3 stars, sometimes very well hidden, present in each level. 

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Game controls:

Use your mouse to explore the room, move objects, and find the hidden stars and candy. There are three hidden stars and a piece of candy to spot in each level.

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