Galaxy Siege 2

Galaxy Siege 2

Date added: 17/10/2017

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Gather resources and build your ship to defeat alien monsters!

Galaxy Siege is finally back on Games Y8. In Galaxy Siege 2, you set out on a quest to explore space with your spaceship. Fly and upgrade your spaceship to get as far as possible!

Build your spaceship and go out to one of the greatest adventures. Galaxy Siege 2 - Y8 Online is a fun action game full with upgrades. You have to build your spaceship and go out to different missions in space. Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis.

Galaxy Siege 2 is the second installment to the fun space adventure. Click and drag single modules to customize your spaceship and start your first trip through the deep space to harvest resources and defeat aliens, who besiege your ship in order to plunder your valuable minerals. Aim is to create the most advanced spaceship in history of mankind. Much fun!

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Controls: Mouse

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