Gangnam Run

Gangnam Run

Date added: 21/10/2017

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Gangnam Run - click to play online on Game online y8. In this endless running action game it's your mission to run and jump through the Korean Gangnam district. Get over all gaps in the road and try to overcome the furthest distance.

Psy doesn't just dance Gangnam Style, he runs Gangnam Style too! Get in the groove with the biggest viral vid of the year. Psy is running scared: Slender Man, the mysterious king of creepsters, is after him—so Psy needs to escape, Gangnam style. Run along the rooftops, jumping to avoid obstacles. Go as far as possible, so Psy can live to prove he's no one-hit wonder.

"Big brother going crazy run in Gangnam District with his trendy and hilarious style. Get wild and become popular in Gangnam!
Press Up Arrow key to jump, the longer you hold the button the higher he jumps. Dash mode can be activated when stamina meter is nearly full reached red mark, by pressing Space bar - you are invulnerable in this mode.

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Game controls:


Arrow Up = Jump

Space = Gangnam Dash Mode

M = Mute

P = Pause

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