German Tram Simulator

German Tram Simulator

Date added: 17/04/2018

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Have you ever tried driving a German Tram? It's not an easy task and it takes some skills and a little bit of tutorial to finally get the hang of it. Online y8 invites you to come and try out the unique task for the first time by playing this super awesome German Tram Simulator online game.

You will get to experience the adrenaline of driving at 16 miles per hour top speeds on 0,5 miles of tracks through a crowded city. It's you who will become the person in charge of controlling the tram from the very front booth. The HD graphics will bring the most realistic feeling to the players controlling this huge vehicle. In this Y88 game, the HD graphics and such a realistic setting must be two highlights which capture the attention of the players. Such features also help to make the game outstanding among so many simulation games nowadays.

There are only two features which you need to remember in this It's the horn and the acceleration. The horn is used to avoid extremely dangerous situations such as a person crossing the rails while your tram is approaching. The acceleration is used to speed up and make the train move faster. Let's try to get the passengers to the next stop. Call your friends to try out many simulation games like this such as Pou Is Lost and The Lost Planet Tower Defense. How can the player control the tram?

Game controls:

Accelerate with the Z key, use the horn by clicking the mouse.

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