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If you used to be a huge fan of Minecraft, Online y8 suggests that you should try out a new game with the same concept as the original game. It's Grindcraft online! Grindcraft is a fun building game, in which you have to click on the game screen to grind & craft. Your task is to create different items from scratch. You will have to start from simple materials like wood, then use them to build houses, cities, and maps!

At the beginning of this, remember to click on the piece of wood on the top of the screen. After you have clicked, there will be a green bar which slowly fills up. Once the green bar is full, a new item is sent to you. The gray squares are for purchasing the upgrades and enhancing your techniques. These are a few tips for you. First, craft a lot of wood in the beginning, you will need it later to get almost all of the items.

Second, you shouldn't concentrate on one item. Instead, try to craft new items just as soon as they become available since you will need these to combine resources later. The more you grind, the faster you will be able to unlock new things. You can also change the volume and settings in this game as you want. There are many y8 games for kids like this for you online such as Puppet Soccer Fighters and Miniclip Pool. Come and play now!

Game controls:

Choose and interact with your left mouse.

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