Headless Zombie

Headless Zombie

Date added: 29/12/2017

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Carl is an aristocrat from best Y8 game town who is rich and owns a castle. A dark witch envies with his wealth, so the witch casts a spell to turn Carl into a zombie in order to take over his castle and money. Carl wants to revenge using the dark magic as well. Help Zombie Carl in Headless Zombie at Y8 game online for free.

It's an interesting game with an elaborated storyline which is unique and fun. Your main task is to guide Carl through the long journey back to his castle. Help him collect the coins and use it to purchase items later. He will also need to avoid all traps and bumpy blocks to protect himself. You will find this game really fun and enjoyable, along with cute design with a cartoon theme. It might seem easy at first since there's a detailed walkthrough, but be careful!

As you approach the castle, the dark witch might notice and send some of his beasts and pumpkin monsters to attack you. Make sure to jump and avoid being touched by these monsters or they will kill you. http://www.y8games.games has created such a cute game that will bring you the best time. Try Headless Zombie online and many other games like Days Of Monsters and Prehistoric Shark.

Game controls:

How can you control the character? Use arrow keys or W, A, D to move and jump, use the space bar or S to keep his head down. Come to join with your friends now!

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