Icegirl Fireboy Forest Energy

Icegirl Fireboy Forest Energy

Date added: 21/12/2017

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Icegirl Fireboy Forest Energy is one of the classic simulation games here at which enables you to enhance your quick reflex and reaction, along with your observation skill.

There are two main characters in the game: Icegirl in blue and Fireboy in red. They are lost in the Forest and you need to guide them through the blocks and obstacles in order to free them. There are many energy blocks along the way so that you can gather the energy. But you need to remember that Icegirl can only absorb the blue blocks, and Fireboy can only take the red ones.

A mistake that most players make when playing this Y8Y8game is that they forget to avoid the traps. Energy blocks are not the only things that appear when you move along the way. There will be the blocks that are placed on high totems, the blocks that are near some obstacles and many more. It's up to you and your flexibility to guide the characters and help them escape the forest.

Y8 online game makes this game a little harder because you have to use many different keyboards at the same time in order to control Icegirl and Fireboy smoothly. It seems a little hard at first, but you will get used to it later. When you do, you can enjoy all the fun! Do you like it? You can try out more games like Doraemon Vs Nobita Snow Adventure and Gangnam Run

Game controls:

The players can use arrow keys to control your characters in the game.

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