Jack The Zombie

Jack The Zombie

Date added: 14/04/2018

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Jack is one of the famous zombies at online y8 2018, but unfortunately, an accident happens which might affect him. The world of zombies is cruel and tough, and there is no doubt that these zombies are struggling to stay alive and find food. Yesterday, while fighting for food, Jack accidentally killed a royal zombie. That's why he is being chased by both the police and the assassins. How can he survive?

He found a path to the safe location, however, it's filled with lots of enemies. We need you to come to y8 for school, be his assistant and guide him through this mess. There will be some friends on the way to help you as well. Your character will be equipped with a laser gun. Use this weapon to shoot down all of the hanging zombies by cutting off the ropes. Can you see some obstacles and strange objects? You can complete the task by triggering these objects and take advantage of them. For example, blowing up a box will make the ball which is placed on top of it rolls down the hill and kill the enemies.

Be creative and use all the available tool to save Jack. On some levels, there will be the appearance of the glass blocks which reflect the laser rays. Calculate and estimate the direction carefully to maximize the damage in this http://www.y8games.games. There are many games with zombies like Colony Defenders 2 and Epic Robo Fight

Game controls:

Shoot with the mouse and change laser with the spacebar.

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