Kill Kar 2

Kill Kar 2

Date added: 29/12/2017

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Welcome to Kill Kar 2 by Y8 games online! Kill Kar is back! This is the sequel to Kill Kar 1 and it's the coolest combination of action and driving game. Do you remember the first game? That's right! It's a simulation game in which you need to control your car to run over every zombie in the field.

For each zombie that you kill, you will earn an additional score. The scores will be used later to purchase items and upgrade your car so that you can continue on to the higher level. The first level might seem easy, but be careful because the levels after that can be really hard.

However, killing every zombie is not your only task. You also need to be careful and flexible to drive your car so that it doesn't hit the spikes or bombs that are placed along the way. Unfortunately, these traps are scattered all around the arena, so keep your eye open!

Like other games at, all players will go through an instructional tour at the beginning of the game. This should help you get used to it faster. This is a prominent feature in almost all Y8 free games such as Werewolf Rider and Cars Speed Cup. Why don't we go and challenge some zombies in Kill Kar 2?

Game controls:

Control the car with arrow keys, shoot with W and D key.

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