Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Date added: 07/02/2018

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Are you a person who loves tactical games? Are you looking for a compelling strategy game? Congratulations! Because I will introduce you to a new game at online y8 free - Kingdom Rush game online. This game requires a lot of skill and intelligence to calculate and put in tactics in the game. Warning!!! This is a battle of the leaders at Y8Y8Y8.

Here, you will be a talented leader and your task is to control the soldiers to destroy the enemy in battle. The enemy is very powerful and usually appear in a large number. So, you need to calculate and build bases in strategic locations to destroy the enemy. To stop the enemy at freey8 games, I have a good tip for you. In the first place, you should build a base with soldiers to shoot down enemies. After passing this base, the strength of the enemy will be reduced significantly.

In the second place, you should build a defensive base with soldiers under the road. They will attack the enemy in the next step and destroy them. In the third place, you should build bombs and cannon base, which will destroy everything near it. I believe that the enemy will not survive after crossing these three strategic bases at

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Game controls:

Instructions: Use your mouse to control soldiers in the battle.

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