Little Charmers Differences

Little Charmers Differences

Date added: 16/03/2018

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Little Charmers Differences is an online game that allows you to play for free in both browsers (chrome, safari) and smart devices ( iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung, Window phone, Android devices) with no registration in y8 games for kids.

Do you love the beautiful little princess? Let’s meet them in this game. There are 3 lovely girls and they are playing in front of a palatial castle. Are you ready to join in the lovely world of the 3 princesses. You can see 2 identical pictures describing this activity. Your duty is to find out 5 difference between them.

You have 2 minutes to complete your mission in y8 games online. Be smart and quick in order not to waste 120 seconds. You will gain 200 points for each time you click on the right difference. If you are wrong, you lose 20 points. You have five chances to make mistake. It means that you lose after 5 errors. If you can’t finish before making 5 mistakes, your duty or the time is run out, you will lose the game and have to replay it.

The picture is so colorful with plenty of details, so sometimes, you find it’s difficult to overcome. Observe carefully, the difference may be the small details. Try your best to gain the maximum score.

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Game controls:

Click mouse to choose.

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