Little Snow Pixie

Little Snow Pixie

Date added: 27/03/2018

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Little Snow Pixie is an online game that you can play on y8 new games for free with no registration. If you like the fairy games and you want to see the cute pixie, this game will make you feel great definitely. It is exciting for you that you and the fairy have a wonderful time together.

The little pixie is flying in the sky and her mission is to create as many snowflakes as she can. Are you confident to help her complete her mission perfectly? There are plenty of leaves falling from the sky and they appear in different shapes such as the yellow maple leaves, the shiny spherical leaves, and the red heart-shaped leaves. Besides, many birds are flying to make a wonderful picture of y8 games for kids.

Your task is to circle the same leaves and turn them intothe  snow. For example, you draw a circle to cover the yellow maple leaves, they can turn into snowflakes. Do the same with the shiny spherical leaves, and the red heart-shaped leaves to get the score. You will gain 100 points for each leaf turning into snow but you will gain more points for each leaf as you create a combo. For instance, once you circle a combo of 2 leaves, you gain 300 points and you will gain 200 points for each leaf as you cover 3 or more leaves.

The game limits your time. You can see the time bar on the right corner of the screen. When it is full, you complete your mission but if you act fast you can gain the bonus time. Try your best to gain the highest score and set a record.

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Game controls:

Use your mouse to circle the leaves.

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