Loot Heroes 2

Loot Heroes 2

Date added: 07/02/2018

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With the success of the first version, Loot Heroes 2 was born with the expectations of millions of players around the world at online y8. What's new in version 2? Why are people waiting for this second version? Follow me and find the answer. This game attracts players by many special points. Before discussing the gameplay, this game is an interesting story about a warrior in hell. This warrior was given a very important task by a fire god at y8y8y8 free.

His mission is to go to hell and destroy all the evil ghosts. However, as you know, this task is not simple because ghosts will appear everywhere and become more dangerous as you approach them. In this battle, you are alone to fight and protect the world from the evil forces in hell. In order to defeat the ghost, you need to move constantly in battle, find the enemy and attack correctly on the enemy.

In particular at games y8 free, you should remember that enemies are very powerful and they will fire bullets at you constantly, so you have to avoid and counterattack until they run out of energy in battle. In addition, you have special abilities, utilize them effectively and use them in the right time to bring the best effect.

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Game controls:

Controls: Use left mouse to attack the enemy, right mouse to use ability and other keys on the keyboard.

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