Marvel Tribute

Marvel Tribute

Date added: 30/03/2018

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Marvel Tribute is an online game presented by y8 games for free. The game brings you to the world of Marvel with a variety of the superheroes. Grab the chance to transform into them and fight against your strong opponents.

We have many modes for you to try out such as the arcade mode, survival mode, versus and training. Each mode has its own interesting features and rule play. You should try them one by one to explore the exciting things.

In addition to this, the characters are also diversified. They are Black Panther, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Iceman, Captain, Thor, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Jean Grey, Ronan, Spiderman and so on. Choose your favorite hero in y8 games online and start fighting. However, many characters need to be unlocked by your experience. Besides, you can also choose the difficulty like easy, medium and hard.

Each level has 3 rounds. The person who win 2 or 3 rounds will be the winner of this level. You can see the health bar above each character. When you are attacked, it decreases a little and you lose the game as this bar runs out of. Your opponents are very big and strong, so you must move wisely and act fast in order to attack them and defend.

Are you ready to make the history by eliminating all the strong opponents? Let’s make it come true now!

We are so thankful to receive your feedback and voting. Share the game with your friends to gain the exciting experience together. Play more games like Lego Avengers Iron Man and Jet Fighter at

Game controls:

Use GHBN to attack.

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