Megablob Section 6

Megablob Section 6

Date added: 17/11/2018

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How many levels did you pass in this game online named Megablob Section 6 at y8 free games? Do not miss your journey with the shortest amount of time you have. Surely you will love this exciting game right from the first level. Each level is a challenge that you need to overcome with your special ability. Different paths will lead to your door.


If you use the accessories in this game, you can find the door and collect all the gold coins that required by the game. You will not be surprised by these exciting challenges. We constantly update the latest games for players that you easily explore in your spare time at Find different ways to be able to overcome the obstacles in each level. Your intelligence is very useful in this game. If you finish the game in the shortest time, you are a good player.


Each level has different challenges that you can hardly miss. You can push the boxes to new positions to jump on them and to higher positions near the door. Do not forget to find the keys that appear in each level. That is the main task you need to collect in this game. Therefore, do not overlook the opportunity to pass them with the highest score. Collect different play tricks or get help from your friends to complete your quests.


In addition, we also suggest other games with the same theme for players to participate in your free time today such as Sliding Escape and Gravinaut. Are you ready with the new journey? Each game is an exciting world where you have the opportunity to unlock now.

Game controls:

Arrow keys or WASD to move

Space or Shift to slow down

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