Miami Rex

Miami Rex

Date added: 27/12/2017

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One day, a dinosaur got out of a strict prison and it was feeling really angry. It wants to destroy everything on the way and kill anyone who has locked it for a long time.

Coincidentally! You are also feeling angry and stressed. Don’t think anymore! Jump into Miami Rex at y8 Games for school 2018 and do whatever you want here. In this game, you will control a fierce dinosaur and destroy anything on the road like humans, cars, houses, sharks or any animal.

However at y8y8 Games for boys, you also need to be careful because the police and sharks can attack you with bullets and sharp teeth. To kill the sharks, you need to attack continuously until they run out of energy in the game. Don’t forget to earn many stars and use them to buy the dinosaur's strong body parts in the shop. They will help you grow in size and become more powerful in the eyes of others.

Are you ready to conquer 16 challenging levels of Miami Rex at y8 com school? Go ahead and get the victory! If you want to play more with some related games, check out Rapid Gun 3 and Psychic Arrow at

Game controls:

Use the mouse to control, arrow keys to move and click to eat everything along the way. Share them with your friends now!

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