Mighty Knight 2

Mighty Knight 2

Date added: 20/04/2018

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Aragon Battleheart is a brave knight who fights for justice with his bravery. He needs your help in Mighty Knights 2 online game to win the battle against the evil creatures. Mighty Knight 2 has many new updates which are carefully made by the creators of games y8 2018.

The best feature in this game must be the number of cool characters. These characters might be your friends or your foes, so keep your eyes open and make sure that you read the character description carefully. Only by doing so will you be able to take advantage of the boosters and your guardian angles to win this http://www.y8games.games. You will start by choosing one of the brave knights or get one assigned to you by the charming lady at the beginning of the introduction section. After every battle, you will earn some coins which you can use to upgrade your knight.

Think carefully about the weaknesses of your character in order to choose strategically the exact skills that you want to improve. You can also use the help from other warriors who are on your side in this intense battle. Will you be able to protect the y8 town games from the attacks of the monsters? Remember that Netherghost is your friend so don't hit him! If you like this game, you can go on some other adventures like Sniper 3d and Zombie Farsh

Game controls:

Move with W, A S, D or the arrow keys, attack with J key.

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