Minions Fighting Back

Minions Fighting Back

Date added: 28/12/2017

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Do you remember the movie Despicable me? Gru and his cute minions have come to live here at Y8 1 player game town, but unluckily, many minions are being turned into the evil minions by Doctor Nefario.

There are more and more evil ones, and they start attacking the innocent minions. Oh no! What should we do? Come to Minions Fighting Back at Y8 games 2018 to fix this crisis now! Your tasks are to go around the town, find the evil minions and shoot them with the special potion that Gru has developed.

If you infect them with enough potion, they will absorb it and transform back to the original minions. But this is not easy at all! You will need to keep running to avoid being touched by them. These scary minions also attack unexpectedly and they can approach you really fast. So gather your courage, strength and reflexes and rescue others now! This is a really fun game thanks to the cute and colorful design that is created by Y8 game.

From the beginning of the game, players can purchase their weapons using the coins that they gathered before, so remember to look for coins while you move around as well. The tutorial is also very clear and easy for new players to grasp. offers many other games online for free like Miami Rex and Rapid Gun 3. Come to check it out now!

Game controls:

Move your minion with arrow keys or W, A, S, D key and click to shoot.

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