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Have you ever imagined that you would live in a world where you would become a King? That will be your own kingdom! You will be the president and you can create everything you love. Do you want to go to such a place?

Play Miocraft at y8y8 Games school and build a great life for you. In this game, you will be alone in a 3D world with resources everywhere. To build castles or tall buildings, you need to find and collect resources in the game. However, these power sources are not displayed on the screen, so you need to use an ax and dig them up.

This task is quite difficult because you will not get any symbols to search for resources. All will depend on your luck and your ability to judge in this 3D virtual world at y8 games at school 2018. Once you have collected enough resources, you can use them to build high buildings, recreation areas, schools, hospitals and any area you like.

Are you ready to create your own world? Play this game at http://www.y8games.games play and enjoy more fun time here! Explore more with Amazing Cube Adventure and Cartoon Dash

Game controls:

Play the game with the mouse on the computer.

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