One And One Story

One And One Story

Date added: 20/11/2017

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One and One Story is an awesome puzzle platformer game on y8games. This is one story of a boy and one story of a girl, They are in different space. But they can touch each other with your help! How dose it happened? Try!

One on One Story is a short but very clever puzzle platformer. Its story is simple, and revolves around the relationship between a man and a woman. In each level, the player must overcome obstacles to unite the couple, but gameplay tweaks ensure the puzzles stay fresh. In each chapter, what the player can do is a little different — in one, you can switch from controlling the man to the woman at will. In another, the woman moves automatically in the same direction you send the man. In another, she moves opposite him. Sometimes, she moves on her own. This might sound tiresome, but it’s actually wonderful; it keeps gameplay fresh and the puzzles interesting. Check out the video below for some sample gameplay.

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More importantly, the gameplay actually contributes to the story; the couple are drawn together and pushed apart by changing external forces. Ultimately, it is will — here, the will of the player — that keeps them together. It’s hard to play this game and not reflect a bit on one’s own relationships. No, I’m not kidding.

Of course, the gorgeous design and immersive music help by setting the mood perfectly. It’s hard not to keep playing, and in fact the main disappointment of the game is that it is so short. (Then again, though, better a short but good game than a long but mediocre one). I could nitpick a bit and say the controls are a bit loose, and the sound effects (of which there are few) could be improved upon, but who cares. The bottom line is that you should check out this game at



Game controls:

Arrow Keys To move;
X or Up to Jump;
Z or C to switch character (when allowed)
R to restart

We really reccomend you beat the story mode before you play the bonus levels but if you would like to play them early, there is a cheat on the main menu. Have fun searching for it!

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