Pou Hidden Hearts

Pou Hidden Hearts

Date added: 17/01/2018

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Pou Hidden Hearts game is one of the fun games in the lovely Pou game series at online Games y8 play. The game requires players to have a good observation skill and problem solving skills. Here, you have a unique quest to conquer in this exciting puzzle game. On the screen, a picture of Pou will appear. If you only glimpse, this picture has nothing special except the lovely Pou.

However, if you look closely, you will see many hearts that are hidden everywhere at y8 free play. Your main task is to search and click on those symbols until you get the required number. In particular, you should remember that you have a specific time limit so you have to observe and search fast before the time runs out. At each level, the number of hearts and difficulty levels will increase dramatically. Keep your brain clear to complete tasks within the specified time.

One more thing, these heart shapes are extremely small and are usually hidden in hidden corners and dark areas. Hearts can appear everywhere on the walls, on the door, on the floor, on the carpet, on the thermometer, and even on Pou's face. Can you find all your heart in the shortest possible time at http://www.y8games.games to play? Good luck!

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Game controls:

Instructions: The players can use your mouse to interact with the computer.

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