Receptionist's Revenge

Receptionist's Revenge

Date added: 03/01/2018

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Do you feel annoyed with the boss's terrible attitude towards you and want to get revenge? Then Receptionist's Revenge is the game for you at Y8 game for school! While you do everything in the office, your boss does nothing and only flirts with the secretaries.

This makes you really mad and irritated. So let's take revenge by spicing up his coffee! If you want to put things in his coffee, make sure to do that when he is not around and not looking. Click on the screen to add things to his cup. The more you click, the nastier things will be added to his cup of coffee. But watch out! If he notices, you will get fired! Keep your eye open while putting trashes in his coffee.

The feeling of revenge is the best feeling in the world, so do your best to avoid being fired but get your revenge at the same time. This game will bring out the witty side of players and bring an enjoyable play time. The design of Y8 1 player games is usually very beautiful and colorful, and this game is the same. You will get to play with cute and bright color and fun design.

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Game controls:

Play with your mouse.

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