Red Warrior

Red Warrior

Date added: 08/11/2017

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Red Warrior - click to play online on y8 y8 online.

As the red ninja warrior, you have been awarded a unique power... the ability to flip and rotate the world around! With this power embark on a quest to rescue your friends who have been kidnapped by the bad guys.

Help the Red Warrior save his friends through a challenging problem solving adventure. But wait, there is a twist (or flip) to this y8 free game! To solve the puzzles you will need to flip or mirror the world in order to succeed. This adventure is a bit of a brain teaser! Help the Red Warrior to make it to the end of each level by jumping and climbing until you reach the star. The levels become harder and harder as you advance through the game.

Have with this puzzle platformer.

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Game controls:

Free the citizens from the cages in each level. Use your arrow keys to move and jump, and swap positions with your mirror image using the Z or X key. Collect all the gems and stars for even more points!

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