Sherlock Holmes The Tea Shop Murder Mystery

Sherlock Holmes The Tea Shop Murder Mystery

Date added: 06/02/2018

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Sherlock Holmes written by Conan Doyle is one of the most famous novels in the world. Readers love the thrilling sensation, the mind-blown plot twists and the images of the perpetrators in each case. If you love the mystery fiction as much as we do, Sherlock Holmes: The Tea Shop Murder Mystery by Y8 free games is the game that you should try out.

Unlike other normal games, this game focuses on the interaction between the players and the storyline. Mr. T - the owner of the Tea Shop was found dead in his office. This is classified as a murder case and there is only one killer. The ultimate task is to find out the killer by tracking and finding all the necessary clues. The clues are hidden along the road, in the office, in the house and so on. You must be very observant and think outside the box to find out all these clues.

Pay attention to the characters that you meet as well. They might be your suspects in this case, or they might say something that is useful. All in all, Y8 games online needs your help to solve this murder case and bring justice back to the town. Use your intelligence and sharp thinking skill to assist Sherlock Holmes in this for free.

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Game controls:

Instruction: interact with the character using your mouse.

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