Sky Island

Sky Island

Date added: 06/02/2018

Played: 2024

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There is an amazing puzzle game with a cool platform at Y8 games online. It's Sky Island! This is a new game so many players might haven't heard about it yet. When we take a look at the game, it seems to be an ordinary puzzle game. In this game, your task is to gather all the stars and jump through the blocks to reach the higher levels.

On your path, there will be monsters who try to prevent you from moving any further. You can eliminate them by jumping on their heads. This y8y8y8 game seems to resemble a classic game - Mario. However, the unique part of this game shows up when you click and drag your mouse. You can change the perspective of the screen and the platform is actually a 3D platform. Not only can you enjoy a fun puzzle game, but you will also experience the unique platform.

This platform is definitely the highlight of the game and it allows Sky Island to stand out in this genre. Finish all 15 levels to gain more scores and write your name on the Leaderboard. This game also has many cute instruction notes which appear alongside each obstacle to make sure that the players can find the way. also has many games like Katjas Escape 2 and Sherlock Holmes The Tea Shop Murder Mystery for kids. Come to our website to experience the unique platform now!

Game controls:

How to play: move and jump with the arrow keys.

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