Snake Is

Snake Is

Date added: 10/04/2018

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Snake Is is a game based on, this game is available for you to play for free on y8 io games. You will play in a field full of snakes. They belong to plenty of players around the world. You possess your own character and guide it eat as much food as you can as well as keep it alive longer.

Before playing, choose your character. There are many skin colors of the snake for you to select such as pink, red, purple, stripes, green, blue and so on. After that, name your snake and enter the battle. Your mission in this game is to lengthen your snake by eating the dots on the ground. The colorful bright dots appear with a thick density. When your head touches the dots, your body lengthens a little. The much more food you eat in y8 games online, the longer you are.

Besides, you can attack and kill the opponents by letting them crash into your body. Then, your opponent turns into bigger dots. Try to collect them to lengthen your snake. Furthermore, you also have to be careful in order not to crush into their body or you will die. You can boost your speed to attack your enemies but your character will shorten a little bit.

We are so thankful to receive your feedback and voting. Introduce the game to your friends to relax together in the free time. Play more games on like and Angry Snake.

Game controls:

Use the mouse to control the snake.

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