Spy Car

Spy Car

Date added: 29/06/2018

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Spy Car is an awesome platform game which is created for fans of y8 kid games to play for free. You are in the war among various smart cars featured with many kinds of gadgets, guns, and weapons and you have your own car, too. Your mission in the game is to both eliminate the opponents who are trying to stop you and avoid many obstacles on the way to finish your duty in each level.

At first, you are prepared a vehicle with a gun and an amount of money to buy power and rockets. Control your speed and balance your car in order not to fall out of the road or crash the impediments, otherwise, your car will be destroyed. After a while, the enemies’ cars are coming to you, your car will shoot them automatically to kill them. When you need, you can use the rocket to eliminate all the cars around you in y8 games online, but don’t waste the rocket because you don’t have many rockets. However, remember not to hit them or your car can break. Your health is displayed on the top of the screen. Whenever this health bar runs out, you lose the game immediately.

An important thing that you must remember is to collect as many money on the road as you can. When you have enough money, you can purchase the new and more powerful items as well as vehicles and upgraded weapon.

Each level has its own challenges and difficulties, so you must have quick reactions and great driving skills to escape and be alive. See how much damage you can cause!

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Game controls:

Drive by using the arrows or WASD, press Space to jump, Z to launch rocket, X to use turbo,  and ESC to pause.

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