StrikeForce Kitty 3: League

StrikeForce Kitty 3: League

Date added: 10/04/2018

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Have you heard of the game StrikeForce? Our beloved combatting kittens are back with a new edition: StrikeForce Kitty League, or StrikeForce Kitty 3. In this y8 free game, the adorable kittens set out for another adventure, with more running, more fighting, and more great costumes! In order to prepare them for the intense championship league, we need you as their trainer and take care of the training process. This means that you will be in charge of the training sessions, the meal menu and the outfits of the kittens. All of these are for the upcoming championship league.

Our kittens will go up against the Black Racoon team from online y8, and this team is famous for the ruthlessness and strength. Let's start the training now! Drag the kittens to the machine to make them run, lift the weight or push up. Moreover, you can choose the training method and program to target a specific feature of the cats. For example, the Yellow kitten is strong, therefore, an intense cardio session might be suitable for him. Keep on assessing each of the members to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Only by careful preparation will the team be able to win.

Can you guide the kittens to the victory? This has high-quality graphics and lots of cute characters, ranging from the kittens to raccoons. Join them with more games like Zombie Disaster and The Last American Soldier for a fun playtime!

Game controls:

Use the mouse to navigate and interact.

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