The Last American Soldier

The Last American Soldier

Date added: 06/04/2018

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The Last American Soldier is is an online game that you can play for free on y8 action games. This one shooter game brings you to the field battle with the dilapidated structures. Your city is destroyed by a group of evil people, as the last soldier who is still alive in this fierce war, your mission is to kill all of them and survive as long as you can.

You are standing on the territory which is damaged but the bad guys have not stopped. They continue devastating the city and kill all the people including you. To keep yourself alive, you must take advantage of your shooting and fighting skills. The enemies appear wave by wave in y8 2018 online games. After you eliminate the first wave, another incoming wave appears to challenge you. Each wave has a different number of enemies, for example, the required number of killed evils is 11. They come from all directions, so you must watch out in order not to be attacked from behind.

Both you and your opponent’s army are equipped weapons. You can see your and your foes’ position on the map on the corner of the screen. You can’t shoot them from a long distance, so approach them and shoot them fast before they can shoot you. Shoot them at the head to kill them faster. You can gain money by eliminating them. Use this money to upgrade your weapons. Attempt to kill them all and survive until the last wave and save your city.

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Game controls:

Use arrow keys to move and aim. Click X to shoot.

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