Throw – 2 Players Only

Throw – 2 Players Only

Date added: 04/05/2018

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Throw – 2 Players Only is a fun 2 player battle game and it must be played by 2 people. This game is playable online on y8 kid games for free. There are 2 characters on the screen and they look like the stickmen. They stand on 2 sides of the screen, one person is on the red roof and the other is standing on the top of the blue house.

Move on the roof of the house and use the weapon to throw it at the enemies to kill him and your weapon is the Shuriken. You just have to throw it and don’t need to control its direction. You can play this game on one computer with your friends or family because it can only be played as a dual control version in y8 games online.

When your enemy attacks you, you must draw back to avoid it, otherwise, you can die and lose the game immediately. Each house has a brick wall on the top, you must hide behind it to avoid the Shuriken. After one person dies, the game starts again. This game seems to be simple but not easy. You must act fast to attack and eliminate the enemy before they try to kill you.

With the nice sound effects and music, you can feel relaxed as playing this game.

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Game controls:

Player 1: Use up arrow to attack and left/right arrow to defense/attack position.

Player 2: Use W to attack and A D to defense/attack position.

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