Tiny Monster War

Tiny Monster War

Date added: 03/01/2018

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Go on an adventure with many mystical creatures on Tiny Monster War - an online game for free. There are more and more strategy games online, so Y8 free game comes up with a unique game of our own. This game has an elaborated storyline with many characters.

The special point of the game is that it's quite complicated and resemble lots of defense games. Let us guide you through some features of the game. Your task is to use your elements and special powers to maximize the damage to opponents while moving along the way. When you first enter the game, Y8 games provides an incredibly detailed instruction, which includes the meaning of icons on the screen, the keys that you need to use and the energy bars.

You will be able to control some elements such as water, fire, earth, wind,... Use your imagination and creativeness to mix them up and win the fight. A tip for you to maximize the damage is that you should match your unit's elements with the enemy's elements weakness. Remember to place the units on the opponents' path to attack them precisely. http://www.y8games.games/ creates a fun strategy game with the bright and beautiful design.

This game is most suitable for boys to challenge their friends and hang out together. If you like defense games, check out Headless Zombie and The Battle Of Undermountain Rts

Game controls:

Play with the Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U keys and your mouse.

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