Traffic Mania

Traffic Mania

Date added: 27/06/2018

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Traffic Mania is the fun strategy game which you can play on y8 funny games for free. This puzzle game can be played on both browsers and smart devices. This game can help you improve your logical thinking because you have to make a suitable plan to conquer the game. You are in the crossroads at the rush hour and you play as a traffic control. Thus, your mission is to help all means of transport on the street cross the crossroads safely.

There are many types of vehicles on the street such as cars, trucks, bus, coaches and so on. The road has 4 folks and they cut together on the crossroads. Each road has 2 contrary lanes and the vehicles come from the different directions. You must control all of them to stop at the right time in order not to cause an accident in y8 interesting games.

Firstly, just only one or 2 vehicles come in but when you progress, you have to deal with more means of transports such as 5, 6, or even 7 cars. You get 100 points for each time one car crosses the crossroads safely. Observe carefully and act at the suitable time because you will lose all your points if 2 of cars crash together.

We have 5 levels to play and you need to finish each of them to unlock the next one. Try your best to gain the highest score and become a good traffic control.

If you are keen on this type of game, please rate it 5 stars and leave us your comments. Introduce the game to your buddies to relax in the free time and follow us on more games like Shoot That and Project Archer.

Game controls:

Use the left click to stop or make a vehicle move.

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