West Train

West Train

Date added: 29/12/2017

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Let's explore the new land and dig up some gold! Do you enjoy traveling by train? Do you enjoy spending time collecting items? If you do, then West Train is the latest game specialized for you! Come to Y8 free games to try it online for free now!

This is a new puzzle game with the Wild West theme. You will find many cute characters in the game such as Indians, camels, cacti and of course our cute train. Your main task is to rearrange the rail so that your train can pick up all bags of gold. But make sure that while moving on that rail, the train doesn't hit any camels or Indians as they will flip the train over and the game is over.

You will need to use your intelligence to collect as many bags of gold as possible to break the record and compete with your friends. Y8Y8 game also adds some dangerous brutes to make the game even more interesting! Even though the design is simple but the colors suit really well with the theme and bring a soothing feeling.

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Game controls:

The rail can be controlled easily with your mouse, just simply drag and drop it.

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