Batman: Shadow Combat

Batman: Shadow Combat

Date added: 27/06/2018

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Batman: Shadow Combat is an online adventure game which is playable on y8 kid games for free. Batman is the famous superhero who always brings peace and justice. Do you love him? This game takes you to him and you will take part in a dangerous adventure with him to save the world. The clown is planning a deadly poisonous gas attack to destroy the city. Thus, you have to go to the enemy's headquarters and destroy the canisters.

The poisonous gas is contained in many warehouses and you have to break into all of them to collect the gas. Firstly, you need to complete your mission in the warehouse one and then you can unlock the next one.

You are in a dark tunnel, move toward but be careful because there are many guards protecting the base . When seeing them, you can hide behind the columns and attack your enemies from behind. Try your best to being assaulting or you will get hurt in y8 wonderful games. You can see your health bar on the left corner of the screen, if you get hurt, this bar decreases a little and as it runs out, you die.

In addition to this, there are various gold coins scattered on the way, collect them to earn money. Besides, don’t forget to collect the gas to complete your mission. Picking the batman items can help you heal your wound.

When you progress, you can unlock the new appearance of your character. Try your best to save the world!

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Game controls:

Use arrows to move, X to action, and Space to attack

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