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If you like fast-paced games but can't find any games that available online for free, try out Battlestick by best game Y8. This is an amazing game in which you can connect and interact with your friends. Does this sound fun enough to stir up your curiosity?

The game has an incredibly fast pace and it resembles a physics-based game. You'll control your own stickman in a crazy and chaotic battlefield. You win the game when your opponents are defeated. The more opponents you have, the harder it is to win. However, these features bring many new experience and thrilling sensation to the players because the game itself is different from the other mediocre games.

When you first join the arena, it can get a little overwhelming, so stay focus and start getting used to the movement. You need to find several weapons along the way in order to attack your enemies. If you haven't found the weapons yet, it'll be a smart move to run and hide. Then try your best to use the full capability of your weapons and maximize the damage. In this Y8 kids game, the stickmen will bounce up and down the chaotic arena, so the players with the greatest observation skills will gain advantage.

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Game controls:

How to play the game: control your character with W, A, S, D or arrow keys and click to shoot.

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