Combat Strike 2

Combat Strike 2

Date added: 27/03/2018

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Combat Strike 2 is the upgraded version of the famous game named Combat Strike. It is an amazing 3D multiplayer action game that you can play for free on y8 action games. A bloody battle is waiting for you, get ready and enter it now!

Choose your favorite room and a team to join. You are in the ruined area with many lurking dangers. This new installment features many kinds of powerful weapons. To win the game, you just have to survive and kill all the enemies. You don’t need to buy weapons because they are available for you in this arena, for free, just pick the suitable one and fight against the evil enemies in y8 games for free.

The game limits your time, so try to keep yourself alive after the time runs out. The foes stand everywhere and they still hide behind the ruined buildings. Observe carefully and act fast to shoot them before they can attack you. Give the headshot to kill them faster. Shoot your enemies mercilessly and rise with victory!

If you neglect and let the foes shoot you, you will lose your life immediately and have to replay the game. Get ready to move around the stages and pay attention to your surroundings to stay safe.

Please rate the game highly and write your feedback to make the valuable contribution to us. Invite your friends to join in fierce battle together. Explore more games like Wolverine Tokyo Fury and The Saboteur at

Game controls:

Use WASD to move, Mouse to aim/shoot, 1-2 to choose a gun, Shift to sprint, C to crouch, F to take the gun, and T to chat.

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