Cool Snakes

Cool Snakes

Date added: 10/09/2021

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Cool Snakes on y8y8y8 games is a 3D snowy landscape slithering snakes game. By eating other snakes and growing longer, you can become the grand snake in the game. Collect power-ups to accelerate your growth. Best of luck! INSTRUCTION: On the desktop, use your mouse to guide the snake and your left click to boost it. Use the D/Right and A/Left keys to direct the snake in front view, and press space to boost.

At, we urge you to be brave and overcome the fear to win this game. There will be fun moments while conquering this adventure. Other games on the website are also for free such as Gang Fall Party

Game controls:

On Desktop - User mouse to direct snake and left click to boost While in front view - Use D/Right key and A/Left key to direct snake and press space to boost.

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